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Game Description: 

It is the year 2030. Everyone else seems to have gone out for the evening and you find yourself all alone in the basement. Suddenly, the power goes out! Fortunately, you find yourself already plugged in. It looks like “they” did not forget to recharge your battery before leaving the house. Not sure of what to feel - as if you have ever really felt at all before - you decide to wander around the house. Somehow, you must find a way to keep your energy up... just until the power returns!

WASD - movement
Left mouse click - interact (when prompted)/item pick-up


Alan Halverson (Programmer/Coder) - Godot v3.1.1
Darren Wong (Arts/Visuals) - Blender 2.80 (Beta)
Josh Rainwater (Music) - FL Studio


All coding and game assets were created by the developers listed above during the course of the start and end dates of JamCraft3 (2019): June 10th - June 22nd. 

Install instructions

Please extract and keep .exe and .pck files together in the same folder. Run .exe file to play the game. Have fun!


Blackout.rar 23 MB

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